Smiling Kids in The Gambia

Education is the key to helping the Gambia to leave their poverty. Our mission is to help as many kids as possible. We won't stop fighting to find sponsors for them. Your little contribution will change their lives forever. They are waiting for you.

How you can help

You can support a child in their education by paying the cost and food to go to the school. Helping the family paying health and cost of living or helping them to build a house with electricity and their own water.

Transparent project

My name is Carolina, I’ve been helping organizations and Nonprofits since 2006. My first collaboration was in India and since then I knew what was my mission in life. I learned about how to do the project and what are the big handicap. My mission will be to provide transparency in all the money that is coming. The sponsor will have direct communication with the kid and he will receive periodic emails with information related to the kids.

Why The Gambia


Since I went to India in 2006 I knew my mission will be to help poor kids. I didn’t know how to do it and I started helping organizations. I met Vicente Ferrer, from an organization in India and I loved his job and immediately I wanted to do the same.

Nepal and Cambodia

In 2010 I went to Nepal and I helped kids without families, I learned from them how strong were and were raised without parents. After Nepal, I went to Cambodia and I taught English to the kids. I raised money to send to these kids.

The Gambia

My project was in my heart and I didn’t know how to do it, but I knew I would find my way. I met the man of my life and he is from The Gambia. He was raised without parents and his goal was to help kids in the same situation. Here we are, destiny joined us to create this project in the Gambia.

Frequently Asked  Questions

We will do it based on all their needs. Covering the poorest families.

It’s a team of 4 local people and myself finding sponsors.
The sponsor will meet the kid via zoom first time and he will receive monthly emails with pictures providing news about the child.